Firm Overview


Monosist is an architecture firm established in 2008. Based in Putrajaya Malaysia, we share a singular approach to design that combines seasoned experience with a passion for exploration and innovation. That is where the company got its name – a combination of “Mono” “System” or simply a noun, “Monosist”.  The word “Monosist” also represents combination of initials of its founder, Mohammad Nor Sulaiman, M.O.N.O.S. with the suffix “ist”.  Our completed and active projects represent a diverse range of types and sizes.  Property development projects are typical in our practice. However, our niche market spectrum in Transit Building Architecture (urban rails) always bring us maximum joy and satisfaction for its aesthetical and technical complexity.


Monosist translates our clients' requirements and ambitions into memorable structures that strive to positively influence the surrounding context and the broader community. We bring measurable value to projects through the thoughtful application of design quality and technical expertise, delivered with a high level of personal service.


With no predefined aesthetic vision, our design process begins with multiple concepts that are evaluated for intrinsic value, constructability and environmental impact. We collaborate with each client to ensure their objectives and vision are embodied in the project. We work closely with consultants, contractors and fabricators for engineering and specialty expertise, selected to meet each project's unique requirements.


We believe in an architecture of bold clarity that emphasizes transparency and spatial dynamism with an enduring ambition to enhance the character of the built environment. Our projects share a consistent visual language that promotes highly crafted technical solutions delivering optimal performance.



Mdnor Sulaiman

Managing Director

Dipl. Arch, B. Arch (Hons) UTM, P. Arch, APAM, AIPDM

Noor Zakhairi Nordin Aphandy
Associates Director
B. Eng, (Mech) Wolverhampton UK, P. Eng, MIEM, Asean Eng.

Nor'Azam Ahmad
Dipl. Arch, B. Arch UTM (Hons), P. Arch, APAM, AIPDM

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Sharifah Madznah Syed Mohamed

Associate Director

Adv. Dipl, B. Arch UiTM (Hons)

Mohd Azman Mohd Yusop 

Technical Director

Dipl. Arch, B. Arch (Hons) UTM


Zul Fadzli Shafiee

Senior Associate

M. Arch (Uni. Malaya), B.Sc Arch (IUKL), Dipl. Arch (PolySAS)