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SK presint 8 (3) Putrajaya is located on 6.5 acres land next to high rise residential area in Presint 8 Putrajaya.


The design concept initiates a sustainable environmental planning with a series of couryards created from individual clusters of designated zones. The Academic and Administration zone are single loaded circulation blocks with the corridors facing to its respective courtyards. The central couryard sandwiched between all blocks in the main complex is designed as a ceremonial open space.  External building perimeter adopts double layer fenestration treatment to screen dirent sunlight. The screen is designed with vertical lightweigh precast panels,  positioned at specific angle throghout the entire annual solar path. The double volume entrance foyer is aspire to be a  retrospective rendition with a ‘sawtooth’ reinfocred concrete roofing spanning at 9 meter across between Administration and the Grand Hall.  The Grand Hall’s façade illustrates simplicity with plain walls and series of rounded openings resembles ‘dots’.

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