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Zul Fadzli Shafiee graduated in Master of Architecture from the School of Architecture, Fakulti Alam Bina, Universiti Malaya in 2018. He obtains a diploma in architectural study from Politeknik Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah before continue his bachelor science in Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur in 2013.  He starts his architectural career as an architectural illustrator in a production house and achieved another milestone as an architectural assistant in Monosist in the year 2011.  In Monosist he was part of a design team in a high-intensity rail transit project as well as involved in other commercial and residential projects.

Upon graduated from University Malaya, he rejoins Monosist and becomes one of the key players in the firm. Having passes and transcend a wide range of experience through various architectural processes, Zul Fadzli assumes the role of senior members of the firm, managing a team in BIM application.

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