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proposed melaka monorail


Monosist leads a group of consultants to carry-out a Preliminary Engineering Study for the proposed implementation of  monorail system in Malacca. 


The proposal involved some 11.4 km corridor running from Alor Gajah to Melaka Hilir via Bukit Katil. The alignment runs mostly on the road median with elevated stations span across both side of the thoroughfare.  The project, once completed will provide direct access to city centre cutting short the normal on-road travel time from 2 hours (at peak time) to about 30 minutes. 


The station is designed to cater for initial operation of 2-car-train with passenger capacity of approximately 2000 pphpd.  


This will later be expanded as demand increases. Monorail is ideal system to be implemented due to its flexibility to maneuver in tight urban geometry. 

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