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The master layout is designed with a simple central elliptical nucleus surrounded by a rotated square for easy zoning and straight forward way finding.   The prominent rotated square geometry is conceptualized to generate a multiple layer of ‘solids and voids’, creating design opportunity for green lungs and accommodation blocks with a better controlled public-private space hierarchy. 


The outer layer of the township is formed by a series of longitudinal blocks designated for public amenities, shops etc.  There are either business centers or accommodation housing that symbolizes a ‘giant fence’ belting the whole medical township. The main access to the township is demarcated by a gateway-designed hotel & service apartment complex towering over the main entrance provide a dramatic sense of welcoming to the residents as well as to the visitors.  Deep inside the inner layer is the central elliptical nucleus, a main component consist of integrated medical faculty, research & development and hospital.  The subcomponents is interlinked and covered under one complex to allow continuous, seamless integration and provide coherent synergy.

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