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KL Monorail Fleet Expansion Project.

Station Extension 


KL Monorail System have served 10 successful years since it operation in 2003.  The operator, PRASARANA, is upgrading the system with expansion plan of its fleet and civil works. This requires an extension to all 11 stations across the line.


The existing 40m length stations is extended to accommodate the new 45 meter, 4-car train set.   The additional 12 meter extension is designed and  arranged as an independent structural attachment.  The structure consist of V-shaped steel box with twin cross-heads supporting a space truss to form an extended passenger platform floor.

The space truss is concealed with aluminum composite cladding  creating a solid shining metal box.


In addition, the station also  undergoing  major ‘face-lift’ exercise whereby all the  stations' PVDF coating membrane are removed and replaced with structural  metal decking roofing system.

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