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KL Monorail New Maintenance Depot.

Brickfields Kuala Lumpur (2011)


The new KL Monorail Depot building is built to accommodate an increasing maintenance capacity of its expanded fleet.  The site is located along the river bank, tight and narrow.  A typical train maintenance operation  adopts horizontal movement of the bogie changing procedure.  Bogie repair area are usually placed side by side with the bogie drop pit servicing lines.


With  limited area the site could offer, the service operation require re-engineering input of its standard procedure.  The new design concept is developed  where service area is brought to the upper level.  Bogies are lifted up to the upper floor with an overhead crane  through an opening on the upper level floor.  This resulted in separation of heavy and light maintenance in vertical order creating a well organized maintenance discipline and effective space utilization. 


The building facade is given an articulate fenestration treatment to facilitate natural ventilation and lighting to flow into the maintenance space.  

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